TWO ROOKS® Inspire Baseball Cap - Fury Red
TWO ROOKS® Inspire Baseball Cap - Fury Red
TWO ROOKS® Inspire Baseball Cap - Fury Red

TWO ROOKS® Inspire Baseball Cap - Fury Red

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The essential TWO ROOKS® Inspire baseball cap.

Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood, energy and primal life forces – which is why most of red's symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.

The "Fury Red" TWO ROOKS® cap is for those who wish to stand out - with a contrasting charcoal underbrim and eyelets in a high quality and durable cotton material.

  • Unique raised 3D embroidery front logo (not a patch)
  • Embroidery on the back is flat
  • Custom branded taping and woven sweatband label.
  • Cap is an A-Frame baseball fit with snapback adjustment, medium to large fit up to 62cm adult.
Enjoy on the go

Two Rooks is a premium New Zealand Made Cola designed to be enjoyed out and about. Whether you are bouncing between jobs or needing an ice cold soda after a heavy day shredding the mountain. We've got you.

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I found it wasn't too sweet which I enjoyed greatly, and mixed well with rum and whiskey.

Rosaria P.

It certainly is different to any other cola on the market. As for a cola with something a little different I wouldn’t change it at all as a nice alternative.

Ricky L.

I loved how "light" it felt. Not too fizzy, or overly sweet, and didnt leave a poor feeling on my teeth afterwards. Light and easy to enjoy without the guilt of other colas.

Callum N.

Loved the hint of caramel, less sweet than other 'colas'. Best fizzy drink EVER (other than champagne as that's fizzy too). It's near on perfect.

Eric S.

The softer carbonation than other leading brands, the premium look and feel of the can, and the taste was a nice difference.

Carl J.

Love that it wasn't over powering in flavour. Had just the right amount.

Courtney T.

I have allergies to a lot of chemicals/sweeteners normally found in normal soft drinks (including other cola) and so can't have those - but it is great to finally have found a cola that I can drink and made locally!

Lexi B.

The lower carbonation was my key fave. Can size and all was great.

Johnny B.

Proudly made in
New Zealand