TWO ROOKS: Cola 250ml information

Thirsty yet? TWO ROOKS® Cola is our first beverage release and features a premium quality, old school flavoured Cola with unparalleled smoothness. Two Rooks is a non-alcoholic Cola that has been designed to be enjoyed on it's own or thrown in the mix, adding a high quality touch to your favorite spirits.

Two Rooks Cola has been made with the highest quality ingredients.

Two Rooks Cola Flavour

Carbonated Water

Sodium Benzoate

Cane Sugar

Caramel Colour & Citric Acid

Caffeine (just a dash)

Drink production

Two Rooks Cola was produced with the help of global giant Royal Crown Cola who agreed to help us get off the ground by utilising their central Thai province manufacturer Sakol Bottling.

Nutritional facts:

Two Rooks Cola 250ml