TWO ROOKS® - About Us

Cola doesn't need to be boring.

Two Rooks is an unconventional beverage company aimed at those with a thirst for adventure, extreme sports and modern street culture.

Founded December 2015 by two kiwi dudes, Chris Howard & Michael Saaranen.

While focusing on being a top class cola, with it’s ultra smooth blend and added electrolytes - Two Rooks Cola also leads a double life.

We have crafted Two Rooks as a premium cola mixer for your hard-earned, light or dark alcoholic spirits that enhances the flavour rather than destroying it. Two Rooks promises a bold, full-bodied experience with every drink.

In a beverage industry full of giants, we embrace being the underdog.

After all, we don’t need to be the biggest - we just need to be the best.


How it all started.

Rewind to late 2015 - It was during a trip over to Melbourne, that long time friends and soon to be founders Chris Howard [right] and Michael Saaranen [left] caught up over a weekend to discuss what each other had been doing over the past couple of years. Fast forward to the early hours of Sunday morning [Note - 4:00am] and questioning why a round of top shelf whisky had been mixed with a heavily diluted post mix cola. The seed which would soon spawn into Two Rooks, was laid.

The Two Rooks - Chris [Right] and Mike [Left] at the exclusive release in Auckland, NZ

The idea was to create a premium cola that was different to all others and would bring some balls back to the cola industry, Two Rooks would have to be diverse in it's use, not only tasting amazing on it's own but also double as a premium mixer for top shelf spirits. Best part was, we did not have a single clue on how you even started to create a flavour, let alone a fully completed product.

"We knew what we needed to create, it needed to be diverse, but we were also completely new to the beverage industry. Everything has been the ultimate crash course; from perfecting the formulation process to writing business proposals for funding, manufacturing setbacks and more. Not the best kick start into the industry but that is ultimately where both of us thrive. It's been one hell of an experience and we're now on track to shake things up.

As Geoff Ross of '42 Below' once said - "Bite off more than you can chew and then chew like hell"

- Chris Howard

The end result? Two Rooks Cola not only looks great, but tastes even better. Featuring an added electrolyte and an ultra smooth blend gives Two Rooks Cola it's distinctive edge above all others

With plans to expand the range, keep an eye on the Two Rooks. We are only just getting started. Watch this space 😎