We present to you "The Mistress"

Like a mistress this one is a little bit sweet and a little bit sour. Kick off your high heels and dive into bed with this one.

Here is what you will need.

1 Shot of 42 Below Vodka

1 Splash of Sweet and Sour mix

1/2 a can of Two Rooks Cola

1/2 a cup of Bundaberg lemonade

 A glass

 Crushed Ice

 Pour a shot of 42 Below Vodka into your Glass.

Add a splash of Sweet & Sour mix to your glass

Half Fill your glass with Two Rooks Cola

Fill to the top with Bundaberg Lemonade and add a lemon wedge to the edge of your glass

Stir together and enjoy!

This sweet Cocktail has got to be the Two Rooks team favourite so far! what are you waiting for? Get in the sheets with this one and let it bring a bit of sweet and sour back to your life!



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