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Thank f*ck its Friday! We need a drink after this one and I bet you do too!

Here's an easy one for you to enjoy!

Down at Two Rooks HQ we call it "The Skull Cracker" but you will probably call it something along the lines of "damn! This is sick"

Here's what you will need:

- Stolen Dark Rum

- Black Sambuca 

Two Rooks Cola

Basically this is how you throw this one together...

Pour a shot of Stolen Dark Rum into a Glass with ice cubes

Add a shot of Gilliano Black Sambuca to the mix

Crack open a cold (one with the boys) Two Rooks Cola and fill your glassStir all your ingredients together and enjoy!

Every Friday we bring you a new cocktail and we want your ideas! send the Two Rooks Facebook page a message with you favourite cocktail and we will make it happen!

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