TWO ROOKS® V2 [uncovered]

TWO ROOKS® V2 [uncovered]
Here we have it. TWO ROOKS Salted Caramel Cola 🤤
Our secret, exclusively selected caramel flavours are blended with a pure, lightly carbonated artesian water sourced from the Awhitu Peninsula to create an Ultra Premium, New Zealand Cola. But there is more than meets the eye.
TWO ROOKS® Salted Caramel Cola is supercharged with added electrolytes and a potent blend of B-Vitamins to deliver an essential boost and increased mental focus throughout the day.

TWO ROOKS® is guilt free at only 19 calories per 100ml and a total of 58% less sugar compared to market leading, full sugar cola beverages.

Welcome to the new generation of Cola. Available EXCLUSIVELY via our online store

Two Rooks Salted Caramel Cola

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